March 04, 2021    Chloe Zola

Celebrating Women’s History Month! Please meet our first fearless female #lcmartist CHLOE ZOLA! It’s most fitting that we highlight her first as she’s one our newest artists to join Levy Creative. The industry is changing in that we are seeing more and more women artists — thank goodness for this as it brings on a whole new  perspective — and the talent to boot is off the charts! We’re incredibly proud to be representing such a wonderful group of ladies and look forward to enhancing the group with many more. We say bring on the #GRLPWR! Now lets get on with learning more about Chloe, she’s most definitely one of the hardest working artists I’ve seen come out of the gate, driven beyond comprehension and witty as can be. Lets hear more…

Hi! My name is: Chloe Zola

Home is: San Miguel de Allende

How long have you been an illustrator?: 6 years

Why did you want to be an artist? Because I suck at math.

The best thing about being a female artist is: the fact that it’s 2021 and we’re finally, no longer apologizing 

My typical work day looks like: waking at the crack of dawn, making coffee and doing as much work as I can before school drop off, cold plunging, doing yoga, working more, cooking, eating chocolate, getting distracted by literally anything, working, working, working.

What inspires me: social justice causes and kids and any instance of something painful being turned into art

Who inspires me: anyone who appears to be doing exactly what they were born to do- Lauryn Hill, Cheryl Strayed, Amanda Gorman, and on and on.

Favorite Artist: Moises Cervantes

Favorite Author: Jacqueline Woodson

Favorite Movie: Stand By Me

Favorite Music: that’s an impossible question.

If you had to describe yourself as a color, what would it be and why? Yellow, because that’s the color I see when I close my eyes.

Most people don’t know that: I hate weekends

3 fun facts about me are:

1. I have a titanium rod in my leg

2. I make a mean flourless chocolate cake

3. I wrote 3/4’s of a book with Fugees producer John Forte and it felt like one of the most full circle things I’ve ever done.

Biggest pet peeve: people smacking when they eat

If there was one place I could travel to right now it would be: Barbados

My biggest accomplishment is: Tallulah 

I’m most grateful for: food

For Chloe’s full portfolio, click here!