April 18, 2023   

HELL YAH! It’s “gotcha day” and it feels like Christmas in April! There are angels out there & kindess is indeed magic…and because of this @levycreative is safely back in our possession!!! In a world full of crazy, know that there is so much goodness out there. Two weeks ago as many of you know, we were hacked and extorted for money. We were hitting a dead end doing the same square dance with Meta filling out forms getting nowhere and our facial recognition was being rejected daily. As you know, @levycreative is a business account filled with art, not personal pics. We had zero control of our account, all our info was changed, including the name of our original handle along with our 2-factor authentication. Truly we thought there was no hope in getting our account back. With the help of someone internally at Meta who filed an internal report last Thursday night, we received an email Sunday night that our account was indeed hacked and to change the email in order to secure our account back. And so the story goes…we were ready to rebuild, prevail and be stronger than ever, but we are back in business. There is indeed a silver lining to this crazy saga. The last two weeks have been nothing short of stressful but the moral of the story is to never give up, and never stop fighting for what is rightfully yours. Our LCM army is fierce! We enlisted help from from artists, friends, family, clients, colleagues, and strangers who are now our friends but more like saviors.

This post is dedicated to our “Meta Angel” who is so incredibly humble and doesn’t want to take any credit for the success in recovering our account back. We couldn’t have done it without you! To say we are feeling eternally grateful is a huge understatement.

Thank you for your support and your patience during what felt like a never ending rollercoaster over the last few weeks. We are officially up and running again and couldn’t be any more ecstatic!!! It’s time for us to stop talking and start posting more fabulous artwork again. See you on Insta!!!