David Junkin | Poster Art For The 9/11 Play “Hope In Chaos”

May 25, 2011    David Junkin

Levy Creative Management artist DAVID JUNKIN creates a moving piece for the play “Hope in Chaos.” This play by Heather McCuen is about a woman, who on September 11th, watched the towers fall from the roof of her apartment in Brooklyn — days later, a truck full of sandwiches changed her life. Her team of unlikely relief workers would spend 4 months inside the chaos of ground zero and a decade of dealing with the chaos it created. The play will be premiering in New York City at the Impulse Theater on September 11, 2011 in a special production that will benefit the World Trade Center Tribute and Visitor Center.  This play is about regular New Yorkers who found themselves inside Ground Zero in a unique position to be of use. For more information about this play, go here.

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