David Junkin | Top 10 Finalist For Canada’s Transit Shelter Expo + Contest

March 17, 2014    David Junkin

We are so excited to share that DAVID JUNKIN is one of the top ten finalists chosen in Canada’s Transit Shelter’s Expo+ Contest. The top ten artists will be featured in the new Transit Shelters all over Montreal, and the winner will be announced at the Crea Advertising Gala on April 4th! The piece is called “La Brutalité Policière”

The goal of Transit Shelter is to “create a high-quality urban Transit Shelter that reflects Montreal’s identity.” Currently Quebecor Media is replacing the current Transit Shelter network with new high-quality units to better reflect Montreal’s identity. Their mission: Replace all existing and add nearly 850 new Transit Shelters. Starting in the fall of 2013, Quebecor Media will install 40 Transit Shelters featuring 84-inch digital interactive LED screens with gesture recognition — a first in the world of urban transit shelters.”

A huge congrats to David, this is quite an honor to be a finalist! We’re crossing our fingers for you! 🙂