July 16, 2021    Gonçalo Viana

It’s definitely time for more coffee! This series of art by #lcmartist Gonçalo Viana was for a project that involved 46 Portuguese writers and the same number of illustrators, all during the pandemic lockdown. The writers collectively wrote a book, one chapter each, titled “Bode Inspiratório” or, in English, “Scapegoat” — illustrators illustrated each of these chapters for a special collection of coffee cups made by Vista Alegre. Gonçalo illustrated a coffee cup based on a chapter written by Gonçalo M. Tavares – check out the entire series here!

ESCAPE GOAT: In March 2020, faced with a confinement that was unheard of, we had to look at the world in a different way. In this profound slowdown, we also had to face ourselves. Creativity was then, as it still is, the best way to process and express this strange change. And so the project “Escape Goat” was born. Accepting the challenge launched by the journalist Ana Margarida de Carvalho, 46 authors wrote 46 chapters of a digital book, published online, and 46 visual artists illustrated them, all over the course of… 46 days. Such images have now been reproduced in an original collection of Vista Alegre porcelain coffee cups. With imagination, humor and sensitivity, the written and drawn stories of “Escape Goat” look into us and into everyone’s world, suddenly turned upside down. With this goat we hope to kick sadness to the curb, and awake joy, inside and outside our windows.