October 06, 2021    Gonçalo Viana

We’re thrilled to announce that “True Colors” written and illustrated by #lcmartist Gonçalo Viana has been accepted into the Society of Illustrators (SI) 2021 The Original Art Show 41st Annual Exhibition! We’re so incredibly proud of you Gonçalo and know how long you’ve been waiting for this to happen! The opening is on November 4th, 2021 at SI so hope to see you all there.

Originally published by: Orfeu Negro Editora | Published in the US by: Princeton Architectural Press 

About “True Colors”:

A green cloud and a white tree? Who is responsible for illustrating this book? True Colors begins innocently with two friends, their dog, and their kite, but each time the story gets started, more colors seem to go awry. The narrator implores the reader to help as townspeople, a group of scientists, and the town tailor all try to determine what is going wrong. As the characters engage in comical attempts to reverse the colors, the two friends show us that colors can do all sorts of amazing tricks—with a little imagination. Goncalo Viana’s bold, retro illustration style brings joy and laughter to all shapes, sizes, and colors.

About the The Original Art Show:

The Original Art Show is an annual exhibit created to showcase illustrations from the year’s best children’s books published in the U.S. For editors and art directors, it’s an inspiration and a treasure trove of talent to draw upon. For art students, it’s a marvelous opportunity to examine—up close—the work of the best in the field. And for the public, it’s a chance to appreciate the enormous range of creativity in children’s books and to see the printed pages alongside the original paintings, drawings, prints, and collages they represent.