Irene Servillo | “Please Stop Telling Me To Love My Body” For Man Repeller

March 10, 2017    Irene Servillo

We are super excited about posting this new series of illustrations by IRENE SERVILLO for so many reasons. For 1.) it’s our first assignment working together (and she knocked it out of the park!) just see below… and 2.) check out the title of the client MAN REPELLER (does it get any better than that) and finally 3.) the subject! The title is called “Please Stop Telling Me to Love My Body” and is for an article on the “body of neutrality” movement. Pretty fitting article that comes along during the week that held International Women’s Day on March 8th.

I love this, read on…”Amour is describing an idea that’s been percolating among psychologists and body activists. A more moderate approach to self-image, body neutrality aims for self-acceptance over self-love, attempting to move beyond the reflex to constantly judge our own appearances, positively or negatively. Where body positivity’s motto might be “love yourself,” body neutrality’s would probably be “underthink it.” “If we aim for nothing but total body bliss, when we inevitably fall short of that, it can leave us feeling like failures,” Amour says. “In shifting our focus from ‘I must love my body!’ to ‘This is my body, and I’m okay with it,’ we can learn to neutralize disordered thinking.”

I’m ready to conquer my disordered thinking, are you?