March 10, 2021    Irene Servillo

Celebrating Women’s History Month! Please meet our next fearless female #lcmartist IRENE SERVILLO! Irene is from Naples, Italy and currently living in France. She creates amazing whimsical images using cut paper, paint and pencils — all inspired by the people and culture surrounding her. In one of her previous interviews Irene explained that the reason she loves creating stories with paper is because the process makes her feel free from fear. It allows her to try out many different compositions before actually sticking everything down, which inevitably takes the anxiety away and makes the process very playful and enjoyable. Her intricate work is so subtle yet so powerful so lets move on and get to know this Meditteranean beauty!

My name is: Irene Servillo

Home is:  It keeps changing

I’ve been an illustrator for: 5 years.

Why did you want to be an artist? Because I used to get bored doing anything other than art

The best thing about being a female artist is: Not having to choke on those big cigars or paint in Italian suits.

My typical work day looks like: Eating, drawing, walking, dreaming, thinking, writing, sketching, cutting, glueing, more drawing.

What inspires me:  Questions

Who inspires me: All creative people and thinkers

Favorite Artist: Henri Matisse

Favorite Author: Elsa Morante

Favorite Movie: Wong Kar-wai movies

Favorite Music: Can not pick one!

If you had to describe yourself as a color, what would it be and why? International Klein blue because it feels different every time I look at it

Most people don’t know that: I am shy.

3 fun facts about me are:  I cannot sing, I get lost very often, I never know where my phone is.

Biggest pet peeve: Leaving The Toilet Seat Up.

If there was one place I could travel to right now it would be: Any greek island

My biggest accomplishment is: Having overcome (some) fears

I’m most grateful for: People and animals who make me feel loved.

For more of Irene’s work, please go here!