Kako | Portrait Of Andreas Brehme For Kampion Soccer Card Game!

April 03, 2014    Kako

Here’s a fun new illustration KAKO did for Kampion. It’s a portrait of German soccer player Andreas Brehme, created for the Kampion soccer card game created by Lourenço Cunha Ferreira. “Kampion – The Football Talent Project is a card game where each card is created by a talented illustrator. It’s a playable art gallery!

Want to play? You can download the deck for free (to print & play) or buy the official deck. There are several game modes so hop on the site and check it out. Counting 139 illustrators, 6 continents and 51 countries!

“Kampion is a football card game with beautiful artwork from worldwide artists. It is a collaborative effort and a homage to our football idols. And it is free to play!” Click here for more.