Kako | “50 Tech Things To Do Before You…Log Off!” For Info Magazine

December 10, 2013    Kako

WOW!!! KAKO is all I have to say for this one. These illustrations were for Brazilian INFO Magazine’s December issue for such an excellent article “50 Tech Things to do Before You … Log off!” Kako had to freely choose 3 items of this long list. It was not hard to find his 2 favorites: “Fly on a Russian MiG-29” and “Go to Mars” (which is something you’ll not only do before you die, but the last thing you’ll ever do… ). He also chose “Be a Bitcoin Tycoon” because he found it a very interesting subject while researching.

In a bold move considering the situation of today’s Brazilian editorial market, INFO magazine is pairing advertisers and artists and giving them carte blanche to create all their covers and this last one was done with Kako’s long time friend Eco Moliterno, Head of Digital of Africa Agency and recently elected as 2013 Best Creative Professional by the Caboré Prize (the top award of Brazilian advertising.)

Instead of choosing one or another item to illustrate the cover, we decided to go for it and put all 50 items into the cover, no matter how messy and noisy it could turn out to be, like pilled up memories of someone who just had experienced all at once and was now trying to tell everyone about it, which led us to insert a few hashtags here and there to enhance this suggestion. This series may be one of our favorites of 2013, I’m sure Kako will agree. It’s truly an incredible series, that is for sure!