Kako | Andaluz — Chosen For Innovative Branding In Gestalten’s New Book!

February 10, 2015    Kako

Andaluz Audiovisual brand, created by PLAU and illustrated by KAKO, was selected to be among great examples of innovative branding in Gestalten’s new book Start Me Up! Here’s how Gestalten describes the new publication:

Start Me Up! is a compendium of innovative corporate design for a new generation. Brimming with imaginative business ideas that range from a turban tailoring house to an artistically ambitious mattress manufactory, it presents brands that break away from stereotypes through their visual identities. The book also shows that entrepreneurship today is more personal than ever before. It features outstanding work that results when young founders turn to creative agencies that then transform their business ideas into personalized narratives through visual storytelling strategies. From a beauty parlor in Singapore to a whisky distillery in Finland, from cutting-edge logotypes to high-quality packaging, Start Me Up! truly showcases the best in branding from around the world.

Congrats to Plau & Kako!!! So excited to be included in this book!