Kako | Arizona Football, Coaching Tactics & ESPN

October 14, 2010    Kako

Levy Creative Management artist KAKO takes on his graphic novel/comic approach in “Coaching Tactics” for ESPN The Magazine. This is for an article about how the Arizona College Football coaches decide what play to call and how the process works of getting the play executed. When I asked KAKO to send me a blurb on what he thought of this piece, he gave me his usual HAHAHAHAHA!!! and wrote that he wish he knew more about American football. You see as a Brazilian, his “football” is Soccer. So instead he wrote about what a fun job it was and how ESPN is turning into one of his favorite clients. He loved the theme, loved the briefings and to boot he writes “Ed is great.” Kudos to you Mr. Ed Mann! 🙂 Nicely done you two!!!

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