August 04, 2021    Kako

HUGE Congratulations to the 2021 Game Maker’s Sketchbook Winning Selections – and to our very own #lcmartist KAKO! This was for the “Curiosities” category in “Environmental Storytelling” which is “anything that doesn’t quite qualify for the other more succinctly focused categories, including but not limited to, props, schematics, technical diagrams, and other trinkets not clearly defined as environment or character art.”

“This was for the game YUKI. YUKI is a bullet hell in VR which brought the challenge of how to tell a story when a hundred bullets are being shot in your direction. Environmental storytelling was our answer, relying on overall changes of mood and important art assets that would reveal themselves in moments of less intensity to suggest the story. Our second level has a bigger story to tell, an environment that goes from beauty to visual decay and corruption. This particular piece shows how we worked this visual contrast when a player goes “under the water whenever they duck to dodge the bullets.”

About Game Maker’s Sketchbook: The Game Maker’s Sketchbook aims to highlight and celebrate all forms of art related to the craft of making games.

Artist: Kako

Game: Yuki

Developer: Arvore Immersive Experiences

Publisher: Arvor Immersive Experiences