Kako | Creates Horse For Andaluz New Branding!

July 12, 2013    Kako

KAKO creates a beautiful horse to complete Andaluz new branding. Andaluz is a Brazilian production, direction and color correction film studio. They create, develop, produce and direct their projects with constant experimentation and critical eyes for stories, images and emotion.

Their name stems from surrealist Andalusian Dog short film by Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, a gritty, non-linear experimentation in film making.

To represent this nonsense approach, they created a rocking chair meets horse head letter A and applied it to their stationery using resources such as stamps and as they call them f-up scans.

Really impressive branding, all featured below. What a great team effort!

Art Director: Eduardo Mattos
Illustrator: Kakofonia
Designers: Eduardo Mattos, Luisa Borja, Rodrigo Saiani, Gustavo Saiani
Coders: Gustavo Saiani, Luisa Borja