Kako | Drop 2 – Culture Graphice Urbaine | No Colors, No Grays, Just Pure Black And White.

May 14, 2012    Kako

Levy Creative Management artist KAKO is part of another group show called DROP 2 – Exposition Graphique Urbaine! No colors, No grays, just the pure black and white. For the second time, Kako has been invited to be part of Drop 2, a urban culture exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland. Kako decided to work in an old piece and chose 2006’s “Osso Rosso,” now reincarnated as “Osso Nero.” As requested by the curators, all artwork must be created in black and white, no colors or grayscales, so he had to do a little trick to achieve the difference between the black background and the red bones over it, as in the original.

JUNE 16 and 17 РAvenue de Sévelin, 34 | 1004 РLausanne, Switzerland

More info: www.pbk9.com/drop

* Unfortunately we only have the flyer in French. If we manage to get one in English we’ll post it here.