Kako | Exhibiting In Illustrabrazil! A Special Edition Of The Society Of Illustrators Of Brazil

August 15, 2011    Kako

Levy Creative Management artist KAKO is part of a great exhibition called IllustraBrazil! IllustraBrazil! is a special edition of the Society of Illustrators of Brazil – SIB’s annual event IlustraBrasil!, that will be presented for the first time in Asia by the Consulate-General of Brazil in Shanghai. Held in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro since 2004, the IB! has won twice one of the most traditional national awards in the creative industry, the HQ Mix Awards, in the category “Best Event”.

This international version of the IB! consists of an exhibition of artwork by 100 of the finest Brazilian editorial and advertising illustrators, comic book artists and animators, complemented by a series of lectures and workshops in Chinese universities, children guided tours and an animation screenings.

The exhibition will take place in Shanghai from August 20th – September 25th 2011 at The Foundry Gallery, and the lectures and workshops will feature Brazilian Illustrators Orlando Pedroso, Marcelo Martinez and Bruno Porto.

The Foundry Gallery – Shaanxi Bei Lu, 729 (Jing’an), Shanghai, China
AUG 20th  SEP 25th 2011 | MON – FRI, 9AM – 5PM | Free Entrance


IllustraBrazil! is produced by Creative Connect, an arts and culture production hub dedicated to contemporary manifestations and crossovers of design, visual arts, new media, film and dance.