Kako | Featured In Inspired Magazine’s 50 Inspirational Typographic Poster Designs

September 27, 2011    Kako

Levy Creative Management artist KAKO is featured in Inspired Magazine’s 50 Inspirational Typographic Poster Designs. This poster was a collaboration with Kako & Graphic Designer Carlos Bêla. Carlos created the typography.

“The art of the typeface, from the typographer who creates them down to the designer who meticulously meddles with settings to get them just right in their designs — from the size to the letter spacing to the line length — is a complicated one. Many designers get overwhelmed just trying to get the typography right on simple websites. But here we have 50 typographic posters where the art lies in not just getting the letters right, but using them to paint the picture. These posters were made by masters of typography, and showcases the letters themselves at the forefront in a way no book or website does. Take a look at this collection of inspirational typographic poster designs for your own inspiration.”

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How Blade Runner came to be:

This poster was originally done for an exhibition called Now Showing – Exploring the Lost “Art” of the Film Poster, Kako didn’t think twice: he knew it was the right opportunity to finally work with designer Carlos Bêla and also knew that this could be his only chance to recreate the poster of his favorite movie, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Do you like our owl?… It’s artificial?… Of course it is.

The Blade Runner poster was exhibited in London (COSH Gallery) and in Barcelona (Vallery Gallery) along with several other amazing works by artists such as Mr. Ian Wright, Hellovon, Non Format, Corey Holms, Marian Bantjes, Grandpeople, Tomer Hanuka, Vania Zouravliov, Michael Gillette, James Joyce, Pure Evil, just to mention a few. After the exhibitions COSH started selling limited edition prints and we soon heard the news that our poster was the first one to become sold out. It’s been 3 years already and Kako still gets emails from people wanting to buy a print… who knows what can happen in the near future?…