Kako | New Posters For Green Ride “Enjoy The Ride. Enjoy Responsibility” For Heineken Beer!

December 08, 2015    Kako

SO excited to share this campaign by KAKO for Heineken Beer Premium that was commissioned to promoteĀ  the “Heineken Green Ride” campaign “Enjoy the Ride. Enjoy Responsibly.” The campaign launched a fleet of taxis to the streets of Sao Paulo. The campaign raised public awareness of responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages, urging people to avoid drinking and driving. As part of the campaign, Heineken made available seven unusual vehicles: a 1957 Bel’Air, a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle, a 1961 Vespa, a 1975 Mini Cooper, a 1957 Romi Isetta, a Thai Tuk-tuk and Rickshaw. Anyone who ordered a cab via the Easy Taxi app during the week of November 15th to 21st was eligible to get a ride in one of those and at the end of the ride a big surprise: each one received a limited edition signed and numbered poster made by Kako. I would LOVE to bring this here to NYC, truly such a unique and creative campaign and the artwork is just fabulous.