October 04, 2018    Kako

The Kit Kat package design created by CBA B+G just received the BRONZE PRIZE at the Prêmio ABRE 2018. Huge congrats to KAKO who illustrated one of the collectible cans!

Nestlé launched a line of collectible cans with the aim of increasing the connection with a young and trendy target through a language that represents the brand codes in an attractive design. With four themes connected to Kit Kat’s universe, a curatorship selected four Brazilian artists and each one received a template art with a defined brand application system and the mission to express the “Passion Breaks” of the target connecting to the essence of Kit Kat “A Smile on Every Break“.

The challenge of the project was to think of a design system that would stand out and respect the space of the Kit Kat brand, while at the same time not limiting the creative freedom of the selected artists.

Although the canned format is not something innovative on the market, the option for this material to launch this collectible edition has brought the perception of innovation, differentiation and superior quality versus the regular lines of the Kit Kat brand.

Lithography allows high print quality and rich detail highlighting each of the unique illustrations in this collection. The four exclusive cans created a colorful mosaic in all points of sale and at the same time preserved the elements of brand identification. The attractive language and the strong publicity in social networks have generated great commitment with the target of Kit Kat.