Kako | Make Your Mark With Nvidia: Why We’re Turning To Artists, And Asimov To Illustrate Directstylus

May 20, 2014    Kako
We are thrilled to announce KAKO’S participation in the great project Make #YourMark: Illustration, Graphic & Animation. I, Artist: Why We’re Turning to Artists, and Asimov, to Illustrate DirectStylus. Make Your Mark is a global artistic project that highlights the creative potential of NVIDIA DirectStylus technology. NVIDIA has invited 10 remarkable artists from all corners of the world to make their mark by producing three illustrations, inspired by Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot,” on the Tegra NOTE 7 tablet using DirectStylus technology. Artists include: Anh Zhe, Rugman, KAKO, Kathrin Jacobsen, Luke Waller, Wes Louie, Jing X Hu, Vaan Tsao, Joseph Baker and Ray Chadwick.

Why Isaac Asimov?

Isaac Asimov made a series of predictions about what life would be like in the year 2014. Fifty years ago today, here we are…
“So we think Asimov would have appreciated our DirectStylus technology. DirectStylus lets tablet users sketch smooth lines and broad strokes with the ease of pen and paper, and with all the benefits of a digital canvas. It’s a technology that puts our screens at the service of artists.

So, that’s why we’re turning to Asimov’s science fiction classic I, Robot for our Make Your Mark project. We’re asking 10 artists from around the world to create three illustrations inspired by I, Robot, using DirectStylus. Then we’ll follow them through their creative process for a series of short films.

Expect quite a journey. Artists involved in Make Your Mark range from computer game designer Wes Louie to cartoonist Jing X Hu, from doodlers to accomplished artists. Along the way, we’ll get to know these artists as they show us the techniques they use to create their work.

We think they’ll offer more than a tribute to science fiction’s past – but a look at how more of us will be working as we find ways to make visual computing more human.”

These are KAKO’s creations.
See more of it all here! And feel free to follow the project on Facebook here.