Kako | New Illustrators File Vol. 10

September 17, 2012    Kako

Levy Creative Management artist KAKO is showcased in Japan in the new Illustrators File Vol. 10 Illustration Annual. Hear what Kako has to say about being featured in this great catalog of talented artists!

A couple of weeks ago I received the long waited New Illustrators File Vol. 10 illustration annual, published by Art Box Internationalin Japan.I have to say it’s always very interesting to browse through Japanese annuals and illustration books like this, the content is so different from all others I’ve been selected to. Each one gives you more and more details about the demands of the Japanese illustration market, and in a way you start to feel the true nature of their editorial and advertising illustrators.

Every New Illustrators File annual I open, I keep wondering about how most of the art that reached us was for a period of time selected, filtered and adapted to what we Westerners wanted to see (and sell) as Japanese illustration. I think that even with the Internet today, there are obstacles that make it hard for us to search deeper for their local art. And I don’t doubt that this process also works the other way around.

Not that this is wrong. on the contrary. Assimilation needs time and for someone who works for the international market this notion is quite revealing and valued. Those pages show how cultures and work demands can be very different from one another and that is not so easy to venture in markets so distant from ours. There has to be knowledge, patience and investment. And sometimes, a friendly hand.

Knowing that, Art Box International has been inviting artists from all over the world in order to present them to the Japanese illustration market since the annual’s eighth edition, and for the third time I was asked to be part of it.

This time I decided to leave aside works I did for the editorial and advertising markets and focus only on projects I do every now and then, such as my Isto é França short story Roland Garros, 55DSL Galactic Battle of Foosball Brazilian t-shirt, Popload Gig’s The Kills poster and Anderson Noise’s Radio Noise 500 CD cover.