Kako | Part Ii — “Righteous Rides…And The Dudes Who Drive Them”

May 03, 2013    Kako

KAKO releases part 2 to “Righteous Rides…and the dudes who drive them.” Today insidetherockposter blog featured both pieces that Kako did for the exhibition — Le Mans Porsche 917K Movie Poster by Kako a Righteous Rides World Premier Exclusive (the copy below)

“In 1971 the movie Le Mans staring Steve McQueen made it’s debut. Unlike any film of that time or any since as it is considered difficult to replicate realistic racing scenes without the use of CGI and without an over-dependency on stunt doubles. It has gone on to be a very popular film with Steve McQueen and racing fans alike. As someone who loves both very much it is an honor to debut these posters.

Growing up Tamiya model kits were always the best models with the most detail. With that in mind Kako used those boxes as inspiration for the posters and layout while making them look so much better. The first poster in blue is titled Le Mans Porsche 917K it is 18 x 24 inches of High Octane Horsepower

Here’s what the text says, straight from Kako:

“First one, the white little one, is STEVE McQUEEN. The second one, the BIG white one is the title of the movie as it was released in Japan which is literally The Honor of Le Mans, or something close to it. In orange it is written PORSCHE, which is the name of the car Porsche 917K. used in the movie. The poster is a reference of the Tamiya model kit boxes.”

The second poster in orange/papya color is titled Le Mans Gulf-Porsche Team it is 24 x 18 inches

The prints will be giclee’s
Righteous Rides…and the Dudes Who Drive Them! presented by Hero Complex Gallery opens tomorrow night. “
Le Mans Porsche 917K
Le Mans Gulf-Porsche Team













































Opening Reception:
Friday, May 3rd, 6pm-late all ages – no cover – copious beverages – music – artists in attendance

Exhibiting at their New Gallery Space!
Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D
Los Angeles, CA 90034

On Display:
May 3rd – May 19
W-Sat, 11am-6pm
Sun, 11am-4pm