Kako | Illustrates Julius Wiedemann’s Portrait For The New Taschen Book Illustration Now! Portraits.

December 16, 2010    Kako

Levy Creative Management artist KAKO has the great honor of illustrating Julius Wiedenmann’s portrait for Taschen’s upcoming book edited by Julius, Illustration Now! Portraits. It is a great honor for Kako to be chosen to illustrate Julius’ portrait not only because Kako is featured in this book as a portrait artist but because out of all the hundred’s of artists in the book Julius had wanted Kako to illustrate his personal portrait. Julius had been the Editor at Large at Taschen for over nine years and is currently the new Director of Digital Publications at Taschen GmbH. Below is the final portrait of Julius along with the sneak peak of the spread and forward by Julius for the new book. We will keep you posted on when the book is released. We’re hoping sometime in the new year, just waiting on the details. Thank you Julius for an amazing opportunity!!!

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levy creative management, kako, julius wiedemann, illustration now portraits, taschen, portraits