Kako | Ze Otavio | Featured In The Exhibition #Vaitercopa In Sao Paulo

June 16, 2014    Kako

#VAITERCOPA takes soccer beyond the World Cup! From June 14th to July 12 KAKO & ZE OTAVIO will be featured in the exhibition #VAITERCOPA at Galeria Ornitorrinco (Av. Pompeia, 520). With Illustrations by Kleverson, Attílio, Orlando Pedroso (Folha de S. Paulo), Kako, Zuri, William Chamorro, Alexandre Eschenbach, Baptistão (Estadão), Zé Otávio, Anderson Nascimento, Jr. Lopes and Jean Galvão (Folha de S. Paulo), the theme of the exhibition is soccer, but not just featuring the current Word Cup event.

According to the gallery curator Mauro Souza, “the theme of soccer is evident in Brazil because of the Word Cup event. Every Brazilian, liking or not, has a profound cultural relation with this sport. The exhibition objective focuses in this relation and this particular vision of each artist — not necessarily, the art of supporters, but the art of viewers, in every levels of participation.” #VAITERCOPA intents to show soccer as a national feature that goes beyond FIFA Word Cup.

Kako’s illustration was originally commissioned by Vasava | Client: Adidas – World cup T-shirt design between 55DSL & Panini. It was a graphic interpretation of football + Brazil which is Kako’s country of origin.

Zé Otavio’s illustration is an original artwork called “Pelé – The Golden Years.”