Levy Creative Artists Showcase Their Best Of 2012!

January 30, 2013    Jeremy Enecio

LEVY CREATIVE MANAGEMENT artists showcase their best of 2012! Looking forward to seeing what 2013 will bring!

ORIT BERGMAN | Page from new book “Pretend”


MICHEAL BYERS | Client: O May | Title: “Breast Cancer Heroes”
BRIAN HUBBLE | Self-Promo | “Protesters Take The Brooklyn Bridge”

LAURA OSORNO | Self-Promo | Title: “Infinite City”

ZE OTAVIO | Self-Promo | Title: “Florence Welch”

JASON THARP | Client: Today’s Parent | Title: “No Fear”

KAKO | Client: Entertainment Weekly | Title: “Zero Dark Thirty”

GONCALO VIANA | Client: Expresso | “50 Record Covers”
DAVID JUNKIN | Client: Crain’s New York | “Insurance? Good Luck!”

RORY KURTZ | Client: Rolling Stone | Title: Fiona Apple

JORGE MASCARENHAS | Self-Promo | Title: “Fighting Verbal Abuse”

CHRISTOPHER NIELSEN | Client: K.W. Dogget Fine Paper | Title: “A Beautiful Journey”
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