Michael Byers | Brainstorming As Usual…

September 03, 2013    Michael Byers

Here’s a great new image by MICHAEL BYERS. I like it for so many reasons…it seems most appropriate to launch this piece this week as summer has ended, the new school year has begun, it’s a new year for many that celebrate Rosh Hashana, we get to release tons of new images that our artists have been hard at work doing and in general September always brings about fresh new ideas, new beginnings and for all of us to be back in the saddle at work. I also like it because in the midst of an artists busy schedule, Mike is taking the time to do personal work, which for Mike happens to be some of his best work. When he has the time? I have no idea, but this is a true example of an artist who puts his heart and soul into his career. Mike’s blog post is a good one, likely one that most can relate to so I’ll share it below directly from his site. Enjoy the piece! Here’s to wonderful new beginnings and lots of great ideas generated from everyone’s brainstorming.

“This was a personal piece I did recently. The idea came from the frustration I was feeling with myself for not being able to come up with ideas that I felt were solid enough to make a nice looking image I’d be happy with. I’m sure this is the case for most artists. I’m trying to figure out how to take story telling to a sequential arena and start doing comics that might lead to a graphic novel one day. I feel like I don’t really have as much of a problem coming up with ideas for still images as I do for narrative pieces. I think what happens to me, if I may be candid, is that I will think to myself that I lack the ability to create stories. I know I tell stories and I have stories of my life but then something in me seems to almost dictate self doubt into my brain and tell me that they really aren’t that interesting and most people could care less to read let alone care to see it in a visual form. Working out thoughts as I type. Just seeing that written down I realize that maybe the visual part of my story is what will make it interesting. I’ve seen some comics on the internet that quite frankly are yawn factories. However I am compelled to look at them and read them because they are visually stunning. I guess I just figured out my dilemma. Just do the damn thing and shut about it. I need to tell my mind to zip it when it decides next time to tell my brain that something isn’t worth doing. If I like it then it most certainly is worth doing. Now that I think about it, if a story is worth telling someone then it’s worth drawing for everyone. Okay. I feel better. Self help really does work sometimes. Have a great day. For now I hope you enjoy this piece. Thanks for the support and I love you all.”