Michael Byers | Embrace Your Hang-Ups For Seattle Magazine

December 20, 2011    Michael Byers

Levy Creative Management artist MIKE BYERS creates a great piece with a fantastic perspective for Seattle Magazine. One has to wonder how Mike illustrates all his fantastic perspectives in his illustrations – Aerial classes turn yoga on its head. We’ll have to ask if Mike got into position for this one! “January is the month for overly optimistic New Year’s resolutions, so why not dream big by signing up for an aerial yoga class? The exercise trend is taking wing all over the city, and involves airborne workouts similar to traditional yoga (focusing on core strength, flexibility and coordination) but performed while hanging from a ceiling-suspended apparatus. If the idea of switching from a grounded downward dog to an inverted pigeon pose has you tied up in knots, never fear: Instructors swear you’ll get the hang of it.”