Michael Byers | Loving Colorado To Death For 5280 Magazine

October 18, 2017    Michael Byers

Here’s a super fun piece by MICHAEL BYERS done for 5280 | Denver’s Mile High Magazine! The article called “Are We Loving Colorado‚Äôs Wild Places to Death?” is about how Coloradans have to take better care of their “unadulterated wildlands” if they love it so much and want to see it last. For example here are some facts about how long it would take for trash items to biodegrade if left in the wilderness. I bet most people have no clue! Colorado, it’s time to clean up, no pun intended.

Banana peels: up to 2 years
wool socks: 1-5 years
nylon fabric: 30 to 40 years
fishing line: 50 years
disposable diapers: 80 to 100 years
plastic bottles: 450 years
aluminum cans: 600 years
tin cans: 1 million years
glass bottles: never