Michael Byers | “Race To The Bottom (Of The Sea)” For San Francisco Magazine

April 10, 2014    Michael Byers

Here’s another fabulous illo by MICHAEL BYERS for San Francisco Magazine! I’m not sure were Mike finds the time to get so incredibly detailed these days with all his jobs he’s juggling but he seems to do it with perfection! This one just blows it out of the park. The illustration Mike calls “Underwater Submersibles” was for an interesting article about different companies that are all developing a variety of underwater submersibles. The objects vary greatly from those that are controlled remotely from a nearby boat, to those that just float on the surface and move with the current of the wave to some that are operated by an actual person as if their underwater spaceships. Really cool (check out the article here if interested.) So much of this planet yet explored. “The Bay Area’s innovation boom isn’t confined to driverless cars and delivery drones—submersibles are in on it too.” Enjoy Mike’s interpretation, it’s simply beautiful. And thank you Ron for your continued support in Mike’s work!