Michael Byers | Regulatory Reform For Detroit Business Magazine

August 26, 2011    Michael Byers

Levy Creative Management artist MICHAEL BYERS creates a great series of illustrations for Detroit Business Magazine. It was an interesting piece about how business’ basically have their hands tied up in so much red tape that it’s making business growth difficult. Michigan companies are finding themselves jumping through hoops and dealing with ridiculous regulations. The three spot illustrations are for a few of the silly regulations involved. The piece with the hoops was the full page opener.

Spot 1: Excessive rules on child care — it is government-mandated that child care workers must smile.

Spot 2: Barbershop wastebaskets — there are rules mandating how often wastebaskets must be emptied and the size of the wastebaskets barbers should use.

Spot 3: Rules set for boards that don’t exist — such as the Board of Landscape Architects and the Board of Forensic Polygraph Examiners.

Spot 4: Obsolete recordkeeping — rules for the Public Service Commission mandate that records must be kept in punch-card format, preventing digital recordkeeping.

Spot 5: Obsolete signature-gathering — wage and hour rules prevent electronic signatures, a now common practice used on federal documents such as student loan documents.