Michael Byers | Spoiled Millenials Making The Workplace A Better Place For Everyone For The Washington Post

August 17, 2012    Michael Byers

Levy Creative Management artist MICHAEL BYERS creates a really fun illustration for The Washington Poston how spoiled Millenials are making the workplace a better place. Here’s a clip from the article…”Now this pampered, over-praised, relentlessly self-confident generation (at age 30, I consider myself a sort of older sister to them) is flooding the workplace. They’ll make up 75 percent of the American workforce by 2025 — and they’re trying to change everything. These are the kids, after all, who text their dads from meetings. They think “business casual” includes skinny jeans. And they expect the company president to listen to their “brilliant idea.”When will they adapt? They won’t. Ever. Instead, through their sense of entitlement and inflated self-esteem, they’ll make the modern workplace adapt to them. And we should thank them for it. Because the modern workplace frankly stinks, and the changes wrought by Gen Y will be good for everybody.”

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