Michael Byers | Stay Fit And Have Fun For Portland Monthly

January 12, 2018    Michael Byers

“Stay Fit & Have Fun” in 2018 — That is the goal. Here’s a great cover by MICHAEL BYERS for Portland Monthly that is suitable for everyone’s New Years resolution (or at least it should be.) This article is obviously specific for Portland but we should have this issue for every state! Welcome to the 2018 Portlander’s ultimate guide to fitness & wellness.

“Forge ahead into Resolution Season with bracing new workouts, self-care destinations, martial arts options, all the yogas, sanctioned nudity, and a license to chill.Want to bust a move? Pump iron? Hang in a hot tub? Kick someone (safely, with consent)? Portland’s eclectic, innovative exercise and wellness options can deliver a new year of fitness and fun.” 2018 GO!