Naftali Beder | Michael Byers | Goncalo Viana | Accepted Into The Society Of Illustrators 56 Annual Show!

November 21, 2013    Naftali Beder

We are sending out a huge congratulations to NAFTALI BEDER, MICHAEL BYERS & GONCALO VIANA for being accepted into this years Society of Illustrators 56 Annual Show. We are so incredibly proud of our artists. Following is all the art that will be exhibited at the show. We are really excited about having Levy Creative artists featured at both exhibitions this year. A special thank you also goes out to all the SI judges! HIP HIP HOORAY!

NAFTALI BEDER | Editorial | Title: New Way | Client: aiCIO | Art Director: SooJin Buzelli

GONCALO VIANA | Uncommissioned | Title: Aquarium

MICHAEL BYERS |Uncommissioned | Series | Sketchbook series


-The opening reception for Institutional, Advertising, Uncommissioned and Moving Image Categories will be held on Friday, January 10th, 2014.

-The opening reception for Book & Editorial categoris will be held on Friday, February 7, 2014.

To find out more about the Society of Illustrators, and to purchase tickets to the exhibition, click here.

Naftali Beder | Title: “New Way” | Client: AICIO | Art Director: SooJin Buzelli


Goncalo Viana | Uncommissioned | Title: “Aquarium”


Mike Byers | Sketchbook Series | Title: Pool Party


Mike Byers | Sketchbook Series | Title: Flowers


Mike Byers | Sketchbook Series


Mike Byers | Sketchbook Series | Title: Looking


Mike Byers | Sketchbook Series | Title: Frogsketch