Naftali Beder | Stillness And Mystery In Pencil Illustrations

July 30, 2014    Naftali Beder

Excited to share that NAFTALI BEDER was featured on the great illustration blog Ape On The Moon! The article is called “Stillness and Mystery in Pencil Illustrations by Naftali Beder.” Here’s a quick look below but definitely click on the link above for more! Thx for the great feature @MoonApe!

Stillness and Mystery in Pencil Illustrations by Naftali Beder

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Without needing to say much at all, the illustrations of Naftali Beder evoke a sense of something bittersweet and poetic. With delicate pencil drawings, he creates an atmosphere of stillness and mystery.

He uses lightly placed fine pencil marks in both his illustration work and his personal drawing projects. In his illustrations, his characters bring something contemplative to his work, while the ominous, cracked, geometric forms in his drawings take his work in a more abstract direction. He tells us more about how he achieves these effects and the materials he uses.


I always start in pencil, slowly rendering the entire image in black and white first. I use Staedtler pencils, usually staying with a 3H, H, and B, and a small piece of kneaded eraser to keep some edges sharp.

When I’m satisfied with the drawing, I scan it into Photoshop and paint color underneath, taking care to preserve or push the value structure I’ve set up in the drawing. 







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