October 07, 2018   

Saturday’s don’t get better then this for artist RORY KURTZ and for me as well, since I got to experience all of Rory’s joy with him! It’s not every day that Amazon calls you up to illustrate a poster for your favorite author Neil Gamon for his new 6-part series Good Omens starring Michael Sheen, David Tennant, and Jon Hamm to name a few. Then to boot you get to go to NYCC where the poster is revealed at a panel give-away hosted by Woopi Goldberg and then get to see the writer, producers and actors do a signing to their enormous fan-base. A HUGE THANK YOU to Amazon for giving Rory the opportunity of seeing his work come to fruition basically live and in-person. To get to shake hands with Neil to taking a pic for Vanessa (his wife) of Rory chumming it up with Jon Hamm (sorry Vanessa) to meeting the rest of the actors and everyone from Amazon that we’ve been working with for months — it doesn’t get better then that.

Here are some recaps from our day. Enjoy.

Rory seeing his poster for the first time!


Proud moment checking out his artwork & the amazing print job that Amazon did.