Rory Kurtz | Official Cinema Poster | Variant Key Art For “I, Tonya” By Neon Rated Just Released!

December 22, 2017   

Super excited to share this beautiful poster by RORY KURTZ — this is the Variant Key Art for NEON Rated movie “I, Tonya.” Rory had a great time working on this with Neon and we can’t wait to show the regular version as well. Leave it up to Rory to make Tonya Harding looks as glorious and graceful as ever. As always, it’s great to be able to work on an official cinema poster, helping bring back the practice (we all hope). The movie is based on the unbelievable but true story of American figure skater Tonya Harding. For those of you that remember, it was one of the biggest sports scandals in sports history. Go check out the movie & stay tuned for the original poster art. Huge thanks to Jay & Co. at Neon for working with Rory on this piece.