Rory Kurtz | The Fault In His Stars For Baltimore Magazine

March 27, 2015   

Here’s a great new piece by RORY KURTZ of John WIlkes Booth for Baltimore Magazine. The article is called “The Fault in his Stars” and is about how “John Wilkes Booth led a life of fame and fortune and how he became America’s first presidential assassin.” Special thanks to Amanda for this great assignment and awesome layout. I think Rory definitely knocked it out of the park & your layout is amazing! And to boot…there’s nothing like a hand written card delivered with copies of your published art from an art director thanking you and your artist for the great work. Classy lady! So grateful to have had nearly 20 years (Is that what it is now???) working with Amanda! Such a gem.

rorykurtz_020083A rorykurtz_020083