Rory Kurtz | Two Pieces Accepted Into 2014 Communication Arts Annual!

February 16, 2015   

More great news on the 2014 Communication Arts Illustration Annual! RORY KURTZ got two pieces accepted into the annual. We are super happy about these pieces and are very grateful to our fabulous Art Directors that commissioned Rory for this work. Special thanks goes out to Chris Curry at The New Yorker for the Kim Philby portrait and Matt Maltais for the commission of Jack White for Rolling Stone! We are so grateful and so thankful to be working with you. Truly some if not all of Rory’s best work comes from both these magazines.

And our last shout-out goes out to the annual judges! Thank you for your very gracious votes. We can’t wait to see the annual when it comes out in July & are super excited to be in such great company with the rest of the artists that will be featured in the magazine. Congratulations to all!!!

Title: Kim Philby | Client: The New Yorker | A/D: Chris Curry
Client: Rolling Stone | A/D: Matt Maltais
Title: Jack White | Client: Rolling Stone | A/D: Matt Maltais