January 28, 2022    Ryan Johnson

“Does Indiana have any wild boar? Is there a hunting season?” #lcmartist Ryan Johnson & Indianapolis Monthly are here to tell us. “As it turns out, Indiana is hog heaven for feral-pig hunters. For a couple of decades, their numbers have grown locally, fueled by escaped domestic pigs and local pinheads who intentionally release porkers to increase their hunting options. Unfortunately, the pigs immediately set about tearing up farm fields and harassing native wildlife. If you’d like to hunt them, have at it. No license is required, and you can pursue them 365 days a year. Your best bet is to head to the southern part of the state, where most of our thousands-strong population resides. The Indiana herd is increasing, but it’s not as big a problem as in Texas, where 1.5 million wild pigs cover the entire state.”