Ryan Johnson | Lcm Welcomes Our Newest Award-Winning Artist To The Group!!!

December 18, 2017    Ryan Johnson

We are beyond thrilled to welcome our newest award-winning artist RYAN JOHNSON!!! Ryan describes himself as a fish out of water. He lives and survives in Oakland, CA, but  originally hails from Montana & Idaho. He makes art, paints, draws and moves pixels — and also make coffee (huge bummer he’s not in NYC). He has an enormous passion for Editorial Illustration but he’s always open to the challenge of any application to create art… i.e. books, skateboards, posters, albums, playing cards, comics, beer bottles, especially beer. He was recently featured in Communication Arts Fresh so definitely check that out as well!Ryan is currently finishing up an artists residency at Facebook (more on that soon). Please join me in giving him a very warm welcome to the group. We are very much looking forward to seeing him flourish as an artist and can’t wait to see all the fabulous new artwork he creates in the upcoming days, months and years! Please view Ryan’s full portfolio here.

rjohnson_golfer rjohnson_copscanan rjohnson_confusedencounter rjohnson_club rjohnnson_kickflip rjohnson_moneybasement rjohnson_hiring-on-vacation-final rjohnson_paristrumpidaho rjohnson_searchparty rjohnson_Summer SAT Final revised rjohnson_sunvalleyfilm rjohnson_tennis