April 30, 2020   
Check out this wonderful article featuring SANTINO CALVO for H├Ąppening, Estonian design, culture and music online magazine! For those of you that have been following Santino’s Corona Chronicles, that have been truly incredible to see as they roll out.

“Santino Calvo, the inspirational illustrator we talked with two years ago is back at our magazine illustrating the worldwide pandemic situation with his artwork and introspections. Santino has captured explicitly the moral, social and political hot topics of the world, issues that focus on social distancing, human rights, conspiracy theories, racism, xenophobia and many other important subjects that need attention. Indeed, using our voice and talent to highlight controversial discussions in society to transform the outdated systems is a necessity. So we thank you, Santino, for sharing your work and voice and hope you, our readers, will enjoy this illustration series as much as we do.”