Vidhya Nagarajan | Famous Fictional: Friends & Foes!

November 30, 2015    Vidhya Nagarajan

We’re proud to share VIDHYA NAGARAJAN’s two pieces for the Famous Fictional show. This year’s theme was Famous Fictional: Friends & Foes! The concept was to choose a character from any medium, but not to create a portrait of that character — instead, one of the portraits had to be of a character that is a “friend” of that character and one that is a “foe” of that character. The character that Vidhya chose was Maxwell Smart from Get Smart. His friend was Agent 99 and his foe was Siegfried. “This is the ninth installment of the Famous Fictional show at Mad Art Gallery, showcasing portraits of your favorite characters’ most beloved companions and most hated enemies, drawn, painted, collaged, sculpted, and otherwise willed into existence by over 30 local artists.” Really love how this turned out!