Ze Otavio | Art Featured On Dercanvas T-Shirts!

February 13, 2012    Zé Otavio

Levy Creative Management artist ZE OTAVIO features his artwork on Dercanvas t-shirts! Dercanvas is a label, recently launched in Brazil, inspired by Sao Paulo’s lifestyle. The brand offers design and comfort whilst exploring basic shapes. Every season the brand collaborates with a local artist to create Dercanvas Collaborates. This is a small pocket Collection where the brand and the artist work together in order to create unique pieces where art is translated into garments. Dercanvas Collaborates N01 introduces “CALL ME” by the local illustrator Zé Otavio. His illustrations are very rich in textures allowing Dercanvas to explore different printing techniques in order to loyally translate Zé’s illustrations onto printed garments.

About Zé’s collection “CALL ME”:
Provocative, sexy, timeless, vicious and seductive. Zé introduces Kelly, Carla, Soraya and Bitch, four call girls representing four stories. Collages of naked and raw sensuality experienced on Rua Augusta, the heart of Sao Paulo’s alternative nightlife, where you can expect just about anything,

Using primary colours, tapes and stickers, the artist creates series of portraits that are capable of seducing you without any shame. Looking at them, you will be attracted by the beauty of things that we try to deny. Influenced by Pop Art and Punk Rock, the illustrator reveals a unique point of view and invites you to dive into the city underground scenario.