Ze Otavio | Beautiful New Artwork On Sao Paulo For Cicero Stationary Notebook

December 03, 2014    Zé Otavio

Here’s an extraordinary new series by ZE OTAVIO illustrating Sao Paulo for Cicero Stationery’s new notebook line. I can’t wait to see these in person!

About Drizzle Land:

After the collection inspired by Rio de Janeiro, Cicero Stationery showcases “Drizzle Land”, with the Ciceros Sao Paulo collection. Zé Otavio created two covers with striking elements of the city. The super urban setting is present, as well as São Paulo personalities such as Adoniram Barbosa and Rita Lee. In addition, the drawings can also find the MASP and the Copan, symbolic buildings of São Paulo that everyone loves.

Ze Otavio, who was born and lives in Olimpia-SP, portrayed for Cicero the look of the city. With fine and distinctive line, his drawings are provocative and challenging. The artist moves freely through the techniques and themes, making graphics that pass through colors, chaos, challenge, sex and androgyny.