Ze Otavio | Singing Forest On Location For Personality/Trip Magazine

April 13, 2016    Zé Otavio

This was an amazing assignment and so perfect for ZE OTAVIO! He was hired by Itau Personnalité / TRIP Magazine to do some drawings and paintings about bird watching in a nice Jungle Hotel in the middle of the South Amazon called Cristalino Jungle Lodge. Zé and the travel writer Daniel Nunes Gonçalves stayed there a couple of days doing some trails, canoeing and bird watching. Cristalino is also known as the Amazon Sanctuary.  The article is called “The Singing Forest.” Such a dream job!!!  “In southern Amazon, Cristalino State Park holds a special hotel and the largest temple of observation of birds in the country – a haven for passionate melodies by 600 species of birds.” You can learn more about the lodge here.

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