Ze Otavio | Criminal Factions For Superinteressante Magazine

May 19, 2017    Zé Otavio

Here’s an incredible series of bad-ass portraits by ZE OTAVIO for Superinteressante Magazine. It was for a special issue of the magazine called “Criminal Factions” that basically showcased an x-ray of the groups which turn crime into a industry in Brazil. These portraits are of the leaders of the 3 most dangerous criminal factions in the country such as PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital), North Family (Familia do Norte) and Red Command (Comando Vermelho). All of their brutal histories include robberies, extortions, homicides and man slaughters — histories that begin and ends on drug trafficking. Zé did an incredible job pulling together all of these powerful portraits and his use of color was truly spot on to the subject.

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