Ze Otavio | Exhibition E(Femme)Ra Is All About Fashion

August 21, 2012    Zé Otavio

Levy Creative Management ZE OTAVIO is part of the exhibition “E(FEMME)RA” —  all about fashion.” Sensuality, religion and androgyny set the tone for the exhibition, which opens August 23rd, at Urban Arts gallery, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The world of urban, fashion and sexy women, set the tone for the exhibition E(FEMME)RA, which will take place at Urban Arts gallery, in São Paulo, Brazil, between August 23rd and September 1st. The visual artists Camila do Rosario, Fabiana Queiroga, Sabrina Eras and Zé Otavio will show their paintings, drawings and mixed works that offers different angles on the subject – but also dazzling and complementary.

Sabrina Eras, 33 years old, invests in portraits of female figures, bold and colorful, mixing burlesque and fashion references. Plus, she gets a stunning result purposely using childish traits, but imbued with sensuality. “I always liked to draw sexy women, but my dash was extremely childish, because I started illustrating books for children. But with much research, I came to a style that goes back to burlesque, Rococo, with a softer sensuality. And it is this contrast that pleases me. ”  The artist had initially, as a reference, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schielli.

Zé Otavio, 28 years old, teamed photography with his taste for fashion to create his works. “I think my desire to paint women emerged from the live model classes. I like to look people in the street and the urban fashion world. I blended all these passions. Fashion, feminine, androgynous and sexy at the same time. I work with mixed media, watercolor to acrylic, ink, adhesive tapes, collages, Letraset, among others. ” E(FEMME)RA is about the ephemeral things in fashion universe. Something that is made to last a short period of time. I know that neither I nor the girls do our art to last a day, but is provocative in that sense. It´s what, in a way, the pop art and Andy Warhol proposed in the art world,” explains Zé.

Camila Rosario´s art suggests that the fashion world comes through “portraits that meet both the sacred and the profane. In most of my work, the clothing appears to support the faith, sin, from memory. Through it, blend mystical symbols, mysteries, desires, while the body is the church, “reflects Camila.

“The graphite is combined with the effects of collage and photomontage, however, watercolors and colored pencils are giving a unique characteristic to my work in my new phase,” says Fabiana Queiroga, which has latent reference in fashion.

E (FEMME) RA will be released with a special vernissage – as traditionally happens in Urban Arts gallery – with the presence of artists and guests. The event takes place on August 23rd, 19h, at Urban Arts Gallery (Rua Oscar Freire, 156, São Paulo, Brazil).