Ze Otavio | Levy Creative Welcomes New Artist Ze Otavio!

August 10, 2011    Zé Otavio

Levy Creative Management welcomes new artist ZE OTAVIO into the group. We are really excited about representing Zé. He brings out a new uniqueness to the group with his style which is a mix of many different techniques.

Zé was born in Brazil and lives and work in Sao Paulo. He studied graphic design where he focused on photography and life drawing lessons and developed a passion for faces and people. He is always experimenting in his sketchbooks, where he abuses primary colors, collages, tapes, lines and what the paper can support, always exploring themes such as androgyny, sex and what is happening on the streets. Zé is always searching for alternatives and non-obvious expressions and ideas.

We are thrilled to welcome another fabulous Brazilian to our international roster of award-winning artists and look forward to sharing more of his work with you. To view Zé’s portfolio on the Levy Creative website, please click here.