Ze Otavio | Winston Churchill For Folha De S.Paulo

January 26, 2015    Zé Otavio

Pleased to share a beautiful new series by ZE OTAVIO for Brazil’s broadsheet Folha de S.Paulo for the session Ilustríssima that was published last Sunday. The portrait of Winston Churchill marks the 50th anniversary of his death. The journalist Joao Pereira Coutinho talks about the strikingly original book “The Literary Churchill: Author, Reader, Actor” that introduces a Winston Churchill we have not known before. Award-winning author Jonathan Rose explores in tandem Churchill’s careers as statesman and author, revealing the profound influence of literature and theater on Churchill’s personal, carefully composed grand story and on the decisions he made throughout his political life. Thanks to the creative director: Marcio Freitas. Truly a great series.
Churcill Z_Churcill_1_spread Z_Churcill_1 Z_Churcill_2_spread Z_Churcill_2