Rory Kurtz | Featured In Communication Arts Fresh! 12-27-2010!!!

December 27, 2010    Rory Kurtz

Levy Creative Management is so proud to feature RORY KURTZ in Communication Arts Fresh – out today on this blizzardy east coast post holiday Monday. Learn more about Rory and his work below and by clicking on this link to see his full debut in Communication Arts. Rory, you’ve come a long way since you entered this ever-evolving field of Illustration. Way to keep pounding the pavement and checking those goals off your list. I can assure you that there’s much more to come. So proud of you and look forward to all you bring in the days to come! Keep up the great work.

Rory Kurtz


Rory Kurtz Portfolio

Rory’s Kurtz Portfolio on Levy Creative

Duration: Well, I’ve been at this since I was a kid with a box of colored pencils, but it wasn’t until early 2009 that I decided to make the career shift and get the machine in motion.

Staff: At the moment, it would just be myself and my industrious illustration rep, Sari, at Levy Creative.

Education: I haven’t had a formal education. However, a great deal of passion and a life of disciplined practice has been a good substitute I think.

Cultural Influences: Darren Aronofsky films, sigur rós albums, Neil Gaiman novels, the list goes on and on. Is it strange if I say Batman? Well it’s still true. As far as fictional characters go, he’s incredibly intriguing to me.

Environment: I work in the (currently snowy) Midwest. I’ve set up my work space with all my necessary tools within arms reach, including a gigantic coffee pot, which fuels everything. I do my best work at night, when the house sleeps, and I can focus more easily.

Philosophy: I’ve come to believe that spontaneous inspiration, the kind you see in films or read of in books, is largely mythological. Ideas come during the work, and rarely before it.

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Rory Kurtz - Featured in Communication Arts Fresh - 12-27-2010